Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My email to Dr. Sampson

Dr. Thomas Sampson, OS

Dear Dr. Sampson,

I am very nervous about doing another right hip surgery after one failed right hip surgery already under my belt.  However, after meeting with you I know why other FAI patients have so many great things to say about you.  I definitely want to have my surgery done by you.  My husband and I still have some questions for you before we schedule a surgery.

My biggest concern is that I have femoral retroversion in my right leg.  Dr. Nicholas Mast diagnosed me with femoral retroversion.  After doing a google search I saw that this was also called out-toeing.  My right foot turns out at an angle while my left foot is pointed straight forward.    I am worried that if the retroversion is left uncorrected that I will still be in pain and it will still be difficult to walk.

Do you think that there is a good chance that surgery to correct the impingement will take care of the pain even if the retroversion is left untreated?

If I am still in pain after the impingement surgery, is surgery to correct the version still an option?

Since the surgery would be on my right hip, also the leg I use to drive, how long will I not be able to drive?

How much time should I take off of work?

Finally, how many months does it take to fully recover? 

My husband, Gavin, also has a question for you.

I have a leg discrepancy.  My right leg (also my problem hip) is longer by about 17 mm and I wear a 17mm lift 95% of the time.  My husband was wondering if the leg discrepancy is causing my hip pain? 

 I can be reached at www.prettyhippyangie@blogspot.com

Thank you,

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