Friday, September 16, 2011

Angie's Tip of the Day

Cleaning your bathroom is now a beauty treatment for your hands.  I clean my bathroom at least once a week.  I am kinda a germ freak, so if I feel up to it I might clean it more often than that.  Now let me tell what I mean by it being a beauty treatment.  Whenever I get ready to clean my bathrooms (I have 3, Gavin is only allowed to pee in one bathroom to save me cleaning time) I slather on my favorite hand lotion.  I really like organic products, but right now I am using Gold Bond Hand lotion.  It is really moisturizing.

Gold Bond Hand Lotion, $7 at drugstores

Then I put on my disposable latex cleaning gloves with aloe. Any gloves you clean in will do. You can even put on cloth gloves under your cleaning gloves
Gloves with aloe, $8 at drugstores

Then I clean, clean, clean, my bathrooms, kitchen, and dust my living room. An hour later my house is clean and my hands are silky smooth.

Master bath

And here is my bathroom all sparkly clean!

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