Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Workout Routine

I am about 20ish weeks post-op, okay, I lost count so it is 20ish and I have not updated you guys on my workout routine in a long time.  I have been hitting the gym hard trying to get in shape.  I have gained a lot of strength and about 5 lbs of weight.  I hope that is all muscle.  I have been eating and indulging in food quit a bit lately.  This nice weather we have been getting in the bay area reminds me to watch what I eat and reminds me that I do not have the metabolism of a 16 year-old-boy.

So my workout routine is mostly exercises that my physical therapist has instructed me to do.  He told me to do my exercises every other day and I try to do something everyday but life gets busy and it is hard to keep up.  But here it goes.

  • Swimming- I swim about twice a week.  Once a week I have a half hour lesson, then I usually go once more a week on my own for about half an hour.  Swimming really irritates my hip so I have to spend about a half hour before stretching and about two hours after stretching, otherwise I am in A LOT OF PAIN
  • Donkey kicks.  Remember those?  Yeah, I just added those to my routine a couple of weeks ago.  I have discovered that I have weak abs and need to concentrate on flexing my abs.

    donkey kick
  • Jane Fonda's.  Yep still doing those.
  • Biking.  I can tolerate the bike quite well so I bike about 15min to an hour depending on my mood.
  • Upper back
  • Plank

  • Side crunches on ball 
  • And a lot of glutes.  My glutes always seem to be sore. 
For my stretches,  I have two main stretches that I do.
  • Piriformis stretch
  • hip flexor stretch
Well those are my main exerciser for right now.  My hip tolerates this routine pretty well.  Only the swimming gives me major flare ups.  What is your exercise routine?  

How to Carry Stuff when You are on Crutches

What Kind of Bag?

When you are on crutches it is difficult to carry a regular purse so you will want to get a bag that is convent and comfortable, but also stylish.  I alternate between three bags.  I have a large backpack, a mini backpack, and shoulder/ cross body, bag.  I want to get a more formal shoulder bag but I have been putting it off because I am hoping to get off crutches soon.

My big backpack
I use my big backpack when I go to the gym so that I can carry all of my gym equipment such as my bathing suit, towel, workout bands, shower stuff, ect.  I also use a big backpack when I am traveling so I can fit a change of clothes and all of my personal hygiene stuff and prescription medication in there.

My small backpack

I take my small backpack with me to sporting events, or when I am going to be out of the house all day andI may need to carry a water bottle and take my medication with me.

My shoulder bag

I use my shoulder bag most of the time for day to day use.  It is fun and casual and my best friend made it for me from an old tshirt so it reminds me of her.

handmade by my BFF

A Glamorous Shoulder Bag

For a more glamorous evening, or special occasion look I spotted a couple of Coach bags that would fit the bill.  You can browse bags on the Coach website in the crossbody bag section.

For a less pricey alternative stores such as Target and Forever21 have a large selection of cross body bags.


Whats In My Bag

What Do Hippy Girls Carry?

Alright this is what I carry in my bag.

  • At the top center I have my coin purse for all that loose change you get.
  • Then I have my toothbrush.  I love to brush my teeth and everytime I go to the dentist I get praised on what clean teeth and healthy gums I have.  I am going to do a blog on my dental hygiene to show you all how I avoid nasty tartar build up.
  • Of course I have my keys.
  • In the clear bag on the right I have hand wipes, alcohol wipes, chapstick and medicine.   I need hand wipes because sometimes, when I am eating out, I am just too tired to walk to the bathroom to wash my hands. I like to carry my stuff in clear bags so I can see what I got in there.  
  • I usually carry my kindle in case I have to wait anywhere.
  • Cell phone
  • In the pink clear bag I have tampons and a pen.  Just in case
  • Then my wallet.  I love this wallet.  My mother-in-law bought it for me and it is the best wallet I have ever had. 
  • Coupon for CVS
  • Pharmacy card with a suggested prescription on it.  The manufacturer stopped making my Voltaren Gel.
I left my compact mirror in Bellingham, or I would usually carry a mirror.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

19 Weeks Post Op

Am I Really 19 Weeks Post Op?   UGH!!!

So I am 20 weeks post op, or about 4 and a half months.  I am still on crutches.   Eekk.  I have been putting more weight on my surgical leg though.  I will tell you about the good and the bad.  First the Good

  • I can sit crossed legged
  • I can do piriformis stretch
  • I am in better shape from going to the gym a few days a week
  • I learning how to swim and swimming a couple times a week
  • I am super popular with my crutch puppies (yes the puppies are back) and someone even copied my idea and got tigers for their crutches.  I am such a fashionista!
  • I have really painful flare ups and sometimes I can't sleep
  • I'm still on crutches
  • I still get tired going out of the house and running too many errands
  • I am still on crutches
  • My skin is horrible from the cholorine in the pool from all the swimming I have been doing
  • Swimming makes my hip flexor tighten up pretty bad
  • Did I mention I am still on crutches?
Overall I am feeling that the surgery was a failure again but I am hanging onto hope that it does just take awhile to heal.  I have talked to plenty of other FAI patients who said it took a long time to feel better.  Only time will tell.