Thursday, September 8, 2011

I Saw the Plastic Surgeon Today plus my Botox experience

Today I went to go see a plastic surgeon for a surgery consultation.  Can you guess what for?

No not for these silly.
No not for this.  I like my pencil lips, thank you very much.

No not for this either.  Although, I think Ashlee Simpson has a great nose job.  But I can just use strategic shading with makeup to make my nose as cute as a button.

Yes, it was for this guy right here.  You see, almost all of the hand and wrist surgeons in the Bay Area are also plastic surgeons.  This is California and I am assuming these surgeons make a lot more money off of plastic surgery than with wrist surgery.  The plastic surgeon was very kind and reiterated what my previous doctor, Dr. Shieu said about my wrist.  I can do the surgery to release the tendon in my hand and that should help with the pain in my hand.  I can also have a surgery to remove the ganglion cyst in my wrist and that might help with the wrist pain but it is hard to say.

The plastic surgeon also calmed my fears about my wrist and hand getting worse.  He said it probably wont get much worse but I could develop trigger finger later on.    If I can deal with the pain, which I can, it is alright to delay surgery as long as I like, or choose not to have surgery at all.

The surgery would also keep me out of work for one week.  (Oh yeah, I got a job!)  I think I will wait on the wrist surgery for another year since I am dealing with my impending hip surgery now.  I will wait until I am recovered and off of crutches.  My wrist pain is manageable compared to my hip.

Now I want to tell you about my botox experience.  Since I was already seeing a plastic surgeon about my wrist, what better time to ask about botox?  So I told the doctor about my twitchy eye.  My eye twitches like there is no tomorrow.  It happens when I am especially stressed out.  For example, when I took an organic chemistry class from hell, during finals week, or when starting a new job (like right now).  My eye has been going crazy.  I explained the twitch to the doctor.  How long it usually last, what direction it twitches in, ect. 

The doctor thought that the botox might help and he said he would do a little experiment with me to see.  He offered to give me a botox injection for free, since I would only be needing a couple of units, and he had a free sample that the manufacture just sent him.  The doctor was nice and chatty and he even knew where Western Washington University was, in Bellingham, WA, my home town.  Chatting about my home town really calmed my nerves and distracted me from the needle coming towards my eye.  He gave me three quick shots where my crows feet are and it didn't hurt a bit.

It has been 3 hours since the injection and my eye hasn't twitched since.  In fact my eye feels fantastic.  I feels like it just had a great massage, so relaxed.  My eye doesn't look any different; it is not droopy and I can still smile.  My eye feels so relaxed I just want to bath in a tub of botox.  I wish my whole body could feel as good as my, no longer twitchy, eye feels.  In the future I think I will get botox again for my twitchy eye and also for my tension headaches.  These are the things that botox was originally developed for.  I will keep you posted on the long term results, since it has only been 3 hours since the injection, I don't know if the effects will last.

Would you ever get botox?  Either for beauty reason or for medical reasons?  

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