Monday, September 19, 2011

It's Time to Kiss and Makeup

It is probably no surprise to anybody that I love makeup.  I want to share with you some of the makeup treasures that I have recently acquired.

My cousin was so sweet and sent me a bunch of makeup and hair clips in the mail.  It was so exciting to get all these goodies.  I loved everything she sent me and most of it was probably stuff that I would not have bought on my own.  Let me tell you about some of the great things my cousin sent me.

1) MILANI LIQUIF'EYE metallic eye liner, 01 black

I have been looking for an eyeliner just like this one.  It goes on smooth and dark.  It is very pigmented.  The thing I don't like about liquid eyeliners, is that they are hard to put on over eyeshadow because the liquid just absorbs the powder.  This pencil goes on dark and smooth like liquid eyeliner, but it also works great over powder eyeshadow.  I would have never have picked this up on my own because one day I bought a gorgeous Milani eye shadow and it was really disappointing.  The eyeshadow was dry and cakey.

2) MAKE UP FOREVER HD high definition primer
This makeup primer helps makeup adhere to your face so that your makeup isn't dripping down your face by the afternoon.  It also helps your makeup to go on smooth by filling in any fine lines.   Its like having a clean canvas.  I really like it and it does work.

3)Rock & Republic LUXE lipgloss, loudmouth

Who doesn't love a hot pink lip?  This lip gloss is so gorgeous.  It goes on smooth too.  The gloss is not sticky or tacky at all.  It is just juicy, watery goodness

4) Eco Tool Brushes
These brushes are so soft and fluffy.  The brushes are made from earth friendly materials.  The brushes are made from synthetic materials that are cruelty free.  Also, the company donates 1% of its revenue to environmental causes.  Makeup brushes are an investment piece since, if you care for your brushes properly, they should last you a long time.  Unlike makeup, that you have to throw out every 3 months to a year.  I like these brushes a lot better than my Estee Lauder brushes that I have been using.  I am glad that my cousin sent me some of these.  Since I already had a lot of brushes, I never would have bought these on my own.

Next I did some makeup shopping for a friend's birthday and I couldn't help but pick out some new things for myself.  I have no control.  Let me share with you what I got.

I know I already told you about my

5) Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain, Passion

I am just in love with this color.  It is so gorgeous.  During the day I can wear a thin layer of the lip stain with some chapstick over it.  At night I put a few layers of stain on, then pump it up with my Rock & Republic lip gloss.  It lasts all day and all night.  The lip stain doesn't come off on my drinking glasses and doesn't kiss off on Gavin's cheek, to his disbelieve.

6) MAC highlight powder, Silver Dusk
This highlighter is so angelic and pretty.  It adds a beautiful shimmer to your face and makes you look awake.  It is not over sparkly or glittery and that is what I like about it.   It is very age appropriate for anybody over the age of 23 since it is not a glitter.   You can dust it on over your makeup or even put it on under your moisturizer for a pretty glow.

7) Revlon PhotoReady Concealer, Fair

This is my favorite concealer.  I also have a makeup forever concealer that I like because it is easy to disinfect but Revlon's is my favorite.   Revlon's concealer glides on smooth and blends perfectly.  I also use it as a highlighter.  I use it under my eyes, around my nose, and down the center of my nose.  This makes my nose look a little narrower.

8) Tarte natural eye primer
This eyelid primer can be worn alone for a pretty nude color or under your regular eyeshadow.  My favorite thing about this is that it prevents the cakey eyeshadow crease.   I really hate that crease.   It also prevents the eyeshadow from sliding around on your eyelid so your eyeshadow looks fresh all day.  This primer has also been proven to decrease the appearance of lines and wrinkles.  According to Sephora's website, Tarte's eyelid primer is free of parabens, sulfates ect.  That is good, since you will be putting this on your delicate eye area.  The packaging is also biodegradable. 

That is it for my latest makeup finds.  My next beauty blog will be about my favorite lotions and potions.

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