Monday, May 28, 2012

My DIY Crutch Pouch

 Pimp My Crutches

I was walking around JoAnn Fabric when this nice man noticed my crutches.  He said that he had been on crutches and he had made himself a crutch pouch.  He said I would need so much fabric and two snaps and I could find the pattern online.  So I went ahead and bought the materials to make a crutch pouch.

It turns out I could not find the pattern online, so I had to come up with a pattern on my own.  It is a fairly simple design so I didnt have too much trouble.  Here is my finished product and I love it.  It is so functional and also really cute.

Crutch Pouch

crutch pouch
I used two snaps

I used an elastic and a heart button to close the pouch
A total of four strings to tie the bag to the crutch
My wallet, phone, and chap stick fit inside
The inside is lined with Hello Kitty material
Just put my stuff in and I am ready to roll


  1. Super cute! I'm using a walker now so maybe I'll make a "walker pouch" :)

  2. Soooooooo cuuute!!!! And where did you buy those two doggie crutch covers? They're really cute too!!

    1. I bought the crutch covers on They are called Crutch Critters. They have good padding for short term crutch usage, but since I use my crutches long term, I bought extra gel padding to go underneath.