Monday, September 5, 2011

5 Things on My Christmas Wish List

We all do it.  Daydream about all the things money can buy.  It many cases, we don't have all the money in the world, so we can't buy everything we want.  Or maybe you do have the money, but know that it would be better to spend your money elsewhere, or save for the future.  Even though it is normal to want all these material things, it is important to reflect on the things that you already have.  In everyday life we get so busy, we forget to take a little time to count our blessings.  Sometimes, we don't realize how blessed we are until we are at risk of losing the things and people we love.  So please take a moment to count your blessings. Even if you feel like your life is crumbling down around you, or you are really stressed out with the grind of daily life, there is always something in our lives that we can be thankful for.  Your favorite T-shirt, your best friend, your favorite aunt and the meal you ate for breakfast are all simple blessings that you can reflect on. 

Now that we have remembered to be thankful for all the things we DO have, lets take a moment out of our day to daydream about all the delicious things we want, even if we can't afford these.

On to my Christmas Wish List.  I know what you're thinking.  Isn't it too early to start your Christmas Wish List?  Baby, I started my Christmas Wish List on February 22nd; the day after my birthday. That is right; all the things I didn't get for my birthday go on my Christmas Wish List for that year.  It is never to early to start your Christmas Wish List.

Santa Baby, I've been an awfully good girl
Santa honey, I wanna yacht
and really that's
not a lot
I've been an angel all year!
Santa baby, forgot to mention one little thing.......

1)  Tria $400

An at home laser hair removal gun that you can plug into the wall.
I am a hairy young lady.  I spend a lot of money on waxing and shaving.  Think of all the money I would save in the long run if I could have this Tria.  Actually Santa, if you don't get this for me, I think my dad should have to buy this for me.  My hairy genes came from my dad's side of the family.  Thanks Dad.

2) Kindle $114

An electronic tablet to read books on.
This girl here, reads A LOT of fricken books.  It is quit the hobby of mine.  Well, I can't run, jump, do cartwheels, yoga, play kick-the-can, or go surfing.  Therefore, I have to stay occupied somehow.  Going to the library is great, but it is hard to find the book I want.  Actually, it costs $0.50 everytime you put a book on hold at the library.  A book on kindle only costs $1 and I don't even want to think about where all those germy library books have been.  ewwwwww.

3)  15-Year Anniversary Eyeshadow Collection from Urban Decay $55

This eye shadow palette appropriately comes in 15 breathtaking colors.  Go see for yourself how gorgeous these colors are.  I completely fell in love with all every single shadow color.  The colors are so yummy I want to eat them.

4) Hello Kitty T shirt $10

There is hardly a kitty more adorable than Hello Kitty.  Likewise, there is hardly an item of clothing more comfortable than a T-shirt.  Put the two together and what do you got?  An adorable comfy T-shirt.  Who could ask for anything more?

5) Window Washer and Squeegee combined  $8

Why you ask?  Because I love me some clean glass.  There is a lot of glass in my house, glass window, glass mirrors, glass shower doors.  It is exhausting to keep up trying to clean all this glass and to top it off, I am short.  At 5'3"  I can't reach the top of most my windows and mirrors.  Please Santa, I need a window washing squeegee.  I could totally see Gavin getting me this for Christmas.  He likes to get me practical gifts.  For Christmas one year he got me a toothbrush (bless his heart) and then the following year for Valentine's day he got me a Hot and Cold pack for my hip and a bulk bag of Hershey Kisses.

What fun items are on your Christmas Wish List?  Come on, don't tell me you havn't thought about it.

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