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Surgery Countdown: 4 days until the big day

Famous People with Hip Dysplasia and Femoral Acetabular Impingement (FAI)
We Are Not Alone
Hey my hippy peeps, we are not alone; other people have hip dyplasia and FAI too.  We can get through this together.  Here are some famous people with this condition.  Lets come together and bring awareness to these conditions.

Famous People with Hip Dysplasia
Hip Dyplasia (hp) (dis-pla´zhah
                                 A painful deformation of misalignment of the hip joint.

Zahara Jolie-Pittthe adopted daughter of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, has the painful condition, hip dysplasia. 

Wyatt Whitney the Cable Guy, the son of Larry the Cable Guy was born with hip dyplasia.  Larry the Cable guy has been a huge support to the International Hip Dyplasia Institute because he started the foundation.  

He not only has raised a ton of money he has also raised awareness for hip dyplasia.  He has candidly shared his son's hip dyplasia story to bring hope to others who have a child with hip dyplasia.  He and his wife personally send out letters to pediatricians to check children for hip dyplasia.  I sure wish my pediatrician would have checked me.  A huge shout out to Larry the Cable Guy and his wife Cara for all they do.

Mary Lou Retto, had her hips replaced at 37 because of her painful hip dyplasia.  She was an American gymnast and an Olympic Gold Medalist.  She accomplished so much despite her condition and all the pain she was in.

Famous People with Femoral Acetabular Impingement (FAI)
Femoral Acetabular Iimpingement (FAI)
                    When abnormal contact occurs, the femoral head causes painful pinching                                  (impingement) as it meets the acetabulum, compressing and sometimes                                                      tearing the cartilaginous ring that surrounds the acetabulum

Alex Rodriguez, also know as A-Rod, is probably the most famous person who underwent surgery for FAI.  Rodriquez is a fantastic professional baseball player who has played for the Seattle Mariners and now the New York Yankees. He had a scope done in Vail, Colorado with one of the best surgeons, Dr. Mark Philippon.  After his surgery he was back on the field in no time, about 6 weeks.

Greg Norman, a Australian proffesional golfer, was also treated for FAI by Dr Philippon.  Norman was the #1 ranked golfer in the 90s.

Priest Holmes, a NFL former running back for the Baltimore Ravins and Super Bowl Champion, had surgery for FAI.  He retired from the NFL in 2007.

Do any other hippys know of more celebrities with these conditions?  Hip dysplasia and FAI can happen to anybody, any age, any gender, any race.  Hip issues are not just an old person condition.  Let's raise awareness together.

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