Sunday, November 6, 2011

Surgery Countdown: 24 Days to go

Why I Chose Dr. Sampson

24 days until my surgery.  It is getting close.  I want to talk to you about why I chose Dr. Sampson as my surgeon.  It was a really difficult decision trying to decide who is going to cut me open, but ultimately I went with Dr. Sampson.

1) Dr Sampson is very kind, knowledgeable and has great communication skills.  It was so easy for him to talk to me and explain things and I felt that he truly cared about each one of his patients.

2) He is one of the top arthroscopic surgeons.  Every other surgeon I went to suggested I do an open surgery except on the condition that I go with Dr. Sampson because he is such a skilled and respected arthroscopic surgeon.  I was very scared about having my body practically cut in half, so I would rather try a scope first.

3) I read hundreds of positive reviews online from Dr. Sampson's patients and exchanged emails with 5 of his patients.  All of his patients that I exchanged emails with encouraged me to go with him despite the huge cost of an out of network surgery.

4) He will treat my delaminated labrum through microfracturing.  All the other surgeons I spoke with would not treat the delaminated labrum.  The labrum is the tissue that lines your hip socket.  My labrum has come unglued like a blister in the middle of my hip socket.  Imagine a tinted window with a bubble in it.  Dr. Sampson is going to reattach that bubble.

5) My leg will only be in traction for a few minutes.  Traction is when they pull your leg out of its socket to see inside the hip socket.  Through a lot of pre-planning and expertise, Dr. Sampson only needs to have my leg in traction for a short time.  My last surgery, my leg was in traction throughout the surgery, causing a lot of pain and inflammation

6) Shortest recovery time.  Dr. Sampson insures the shortest recovery time since his surgery is not an open procedure and because is scope technique is so refined.  This means 6 weeks on crutches.  With my last surgery I was on crutches for 8 months.  I am finally back to my pre-surgery hip 14 months after my first surgery. Even if my recovery time is 6 months, it will still be shorter than my first surgery.

The biggest drawback of having Dr. Sampson as my surgeon is that he is out of network.  This means that it is going to cost an arm and a leg to have surgery with him. When making this decision, I thought, if money wasn't an issue, who would I go with.  I would pick Dr. Sampson hands down.  I just couldn't put a price on my body.  I can do a lot of things to save money such as cut my own hair, coupon, and move in with my parents, but I only have one body.  I have my whole life to make money.  My hips need to carry me through the rest of my life and if I was going to spend money on anything it should be my hips.  I cant think of anything more important that I could buy.  Not a car, a house, clothes, nothing is more important than having my hips back.

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