Sunday, November 20, 2011

Surgery Countdown: 10 days to go

Weight?  Yeah I gained that

As part of my surgery preparation I have been trying to eat healthy and take my vitamins.  I have been trying really hard to eat three healthy meals a day and that sometimes includes dessert too. :)  As a result of me trying to eat more so that I can get proper nutrition and be healthy for surgery I have also gained weight.

EEEKK!  Before I even hopped on the scale I noticed my thighs seemed a little fuller and my jeans seemed a little more snug.  I asked Gavin multiple times if he could see my weight gain and he always said no.  Then, when I went to my physical and hopped on the scale I was almost afraid to look but I peeked anyways.  I was 114 lbs.  That is a 6 lb weight gain.  I am freaking out a little bit but I have to remember that I am not overweight and that I am just trying to be as healthy as possible.  Skipping meals to stay thin is not health at all.

Six lbs may not seem like a lot to some people but on my small frame that is a lot.  My tummy feels like it is in the way and my thighs feel jiggly.  It doesnt help that I am out of shape and not toned at all from my lack of exercise.  However, I keep reminding myself I need to be healthy for surgery so that I make a fast recovery.  During my last surgery I lost 10 lbs because it was so hard on my body, I was so sick, and I became really depressed because of the long recovery process.  I was not expecting 8 months on crutches.

If I still want to lose weight and tone up (which I do) after my surgery, I need to be strong enough to go to the gym and lose weight and tone up the healthy way.  I am looking forward to being active again even if that means just being able to go for a walk.

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