Saturday, March 3, 2012

Birthday Haul

Hi Everybody!  I havent blogged the whole month of February.  Well, it was my birthday month!  So I took the whole month off to celebrate my birthday.  Also I have been very busy in physical therapy trying to get my butt back in shape.  Literally I have been working on my glutes.  But, more about my butt later.  I want to tell you about my birthday month.

My best friend and her boyfriend flew in to visit little ol' me all the way from Washington state the weekend of my birthday.  We had a blast together doing so many things in the Bay Area I don't even have the space to write about it all.  I took my best friend and my best friend-in-law to San Jose, where we toured the grounds of the Mystery Mansion and later in the evening gorged ourselves at dinner at The Boiling Crab, a restaurant where you have to eat everything with your hands because there is no silverware or plates.

Of course I took my friends to see Fisherman's Wharf where we enjoyed the soap opera of the Sea Lions that gather at Pier 39.  The sea lions were cute as always barking away, fighting and cuddling one another.

The last full day that my friends were in town we enjoyed a basketball game, the Oakland Warriors vs. the LA Clippers.    The Warriors, my home team, won that night, but it was also the night that me and my best friend missed Too Short's performance because we had to go to the bathroom because we drank too many $9 beers.  It was a weekend full of excitement and a little disappointment from missing Too Short.

Now on to my presents.  My friends came bearing gifts for me.  My BFF brought me a really cute plaid, fleece, capelet with a matching scarf and gloves.  I now wear it to my cold office everyday.  Oh did I mention that my BFF has a matching capelet?

The week before my birthday I also bought myself a gift.  I paid $40 (overpriced I think) for a Shellac manicure.  It was beautiful and three weeks later, still not a chip. This is amazing because I am so hard on my nails.  Washing my hair, washing my hands 40 times a day, cleaning the bathroom, washing dishes.  Shellac manicures are my new love.  I chose a light lavender color but I forgot to take a picture of it.

The next gift I got came a few days after my birthday.  I asked Gavin for a Kindle and he said I didn't need one.  He said that they are hard to read and I can just go on borrowing books from the library.  I was a little disappointed but I saw his point;  I don't NEED a kindle.  However, a few days later a kindle sized box arrived in the mail.  I opened it up only to find headphones in the box.  But when Gavin got home that evening,  he presented me with an even smaller box that was hiding in the bottom of the first box.   Sure enough, it was a Kindle.  I borrowed The Hunger Games from Amazon right away and I love my Kindle.  It is way better than a paper book.

The last birthday present I bought myself was a Victorias Secret blue Zebra patterned yoga bra because I have been hitting the gym more.  I threw out all my sports bras last year out of frustration.  I was in so much pain I could barley walk, let alone think of doing any form of physical activity.  I am happy that I can now ride the bike and do a few simple exercises, although I will not be training for any marathons anytime soon.

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