Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hippy Gal Plays Dress Up

Hippy and Pretty

When you're in a lot of pain, don't look like everybody else, and can't do things that everyone else can do, it sure makes you feel crummy.

That is why I try to forget about my pain, my disability, my crutches, my limitations, and just try to feel good about myself, by looking good.  You just have to spoil yourself sometimes too.

That is why I bought two new dresses for Spring.  I want to look like spring.  And the best part, I only spent $20 to look like a million bucks; well, at least feel like a million bucks.

I went to Ross over the weekend, and I have to tell you, I have super, duper, purchasing anxiety.  I have a hard time purchasing items for myself.  But last weekend, I said, heck with it, I am going to spoil myself.  Even though it was raining, and there is another storm coming in this weekend, I bought some dresses for Spring.   The first dress I spotted was a black, cotton tank dress.  I love cotton dresses because cotton is more breathable than other fabrics, which is important in hot weather.

The black tank dress was perfect.  The clingy dress has, thicker straps so I could wear a bra underneath and the scoop neckline doesn't reveal any cleavage.  There is ruching at the hem so I can pull the hem down for a more conservative look, or hike up the hem for a more flirty look ;)  I think I will more likely be hiking that baby up.  And a cotton black dress can easily go from day to night.

The second dress I spotted was a royal blue maxi dress.  I have been looking for a dress this color for a  long time since I think this color looks good on me and brings out the blue in my eyes.

I don't own any maxi dresses and I thought a maxi dress would be perfect for a hot humid day.   I had never tried on a maxi dress before but when I tried it on I loved it.  I felt like a princess.

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