Friday, March 23, 2012

Goodbye Puppies

Last week I said goodbye to my little puppy dogs.

 Don't worry, I am not sending them to the rendering plant.  They took a bath in the washing machine and are sitting in my car.  Don't worry, I left the windows open.

But I got rid of them.  Those cute guys were getting too much attention anyways.  People were so crazy about those dogs that I would get stopped every where.  People would take my picture and want to pet my crutches.  To replace my sweet pups, I ordered some gel underarm crutch pads and gel hand pads.

When I first put on my underarm crutch pads, my crutches felt very heavy.  In fact I kept dropping my crutches all day.  Very annoying.  I thought about returning them, but I tried them for a couple of days.  Now I am accustomed to the extra weight and the crutch covers are comfortable and provide a lot of padding against my rib cage.  The gel also stays cool when it gets hot outside.

As for the handle pads, I was not very impressed.   First, I had to take off the old handle pads, then put the gel covers on.  The gel covers don't cover the whole handle and I keep getting my thumb caught in the gap.  I even cut my thumb once.    I have noticed that the calluses on the palms of my hand have gotten better since using the gel pads, but at the expense of my thumbs.  I will try out the gel handle covers for awhile and see if I get use to them.

Overall, I don't recommend the handle covers.   Also, the weight of the underarm pads have made my arms sore.  The underarm pads are comfortable but I wish I could test drive the wool crutch covers which would be lighter.

If you are going to be using crutches you do need some sort of pad, otherwise the skin on your ribs will be torn up.  However, you can always duct tape kitchen towels around the underarms and save yourself some money.

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