Saturday, March 24, 2012

Gym and I are Taking a Little Break

Two Weeks No Gym

I decided I needed a little break from working out and going to physical therapy.  I just need some time to rest emotionally and physically.  It is difficult to keep up my motivation to go to the gym when I am not seeing the results I want.  My muscle tone is getting better, but the pain in my hip is not getting any better and that is really my ultimate goal. 

It is also tiring going to physical therapy every week and talking about how much my hip hurts.  My hip always feels better after PT, but by the time I see my therapist again the pain levels have returned.

I just needed a couple weeks to not think about my hip.  No gym, no exercises, no talking about my hip.  The only thing I did was ice my hip and do some stretches.  And with my puppies gone from my crutches, strangers have not stopped me to talk about my condition.  Sometimes I just feel like my condition defines me and that my hip is all there is to me since that is all I talk about and all I think about.

I plan on returning to the gym next week.  Maybe Sunday if I feel up to it.  I'm sure Gym missed me.

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