Thursday, January 26, 2012

9 Week Post Op Check In

Its Been 9 Weeks Already
You probably didn't notice, but I didn't do a 8 week post op check in.  The reason I didn't do a check in blog last week was not only because I was busy, but I was also feeling really discouraged that I didn't have more positive results to blog about.  I felt like the first 4 weeks of surgery I was feeling great, now that I am suppose to be walking again, and I am still on crutches, I am not feeling so optimistic.  I am doubting whether the surgery was success.  It is also very discouraging reading about other people's recovery and they are walking pain free without their crutches at 9 weeks or using the elliptical.  
I will post some of the positives and negatives I am experiencing right now.

First the Negatives
  • When I walk just around my house my hip pain flares up to pre-surgery levels
  • I feel a lot of pain in my groin and in my external rotator muscles in my butt
  • My hip still feels sore, like it is still recovery
  • My upper thigh and hip still gets swollen, after I walk, exercise, and in the morning
  • My hip pain flares up if I bend my leg more than 90 degrees
  • Its still hard to wash my feet
  • I'm still using ibuprofen and voltaren to control my pain and inflammation
  • I still get incredibly tired out and need a lot of sleep.  I had to go home from work early yesterday to take a nap.
And here are some of the Positives
  • I can now ride a bike without a flare up as long as my hip doesnt go past 90 degrees; I couldn't do this before surgery
  • I can stand up in the shower for longer periods of time
  • Before surgery I could only sleep comfortable with my thigh externally rotated, now I can just keep my leg straight.
  • I can sometimes manage with just one crutch
  • Most nights I can sleep through the night without waking up from pain
  • Her right leg is externally rotated
I hope that I am just recovering slower than average.  I lived with undiagnosed hip pain for 13 years, which is longer than most people.  Because of this, I might need more time to recover.  I am not giving up yet, but it is a difficult journey.  If I don't feel better by the 6 month mark, it may be time to consider another surgery.


  1. Hang in there! I know it is hard not to compare yourself with others, but keep in mind that every surgery and every recovery is different. My recovery from my first surgery, a year ago took much longer and was much more difficult than what seemed to be average, and I was very discouraged. But my current recovery is completely different. Keep looking for those positive improvements!

    1. Thanks so much Scarlett, I really needed to read that this morning! Really made me smile knowing someone understands.

  2. Hi Angie! It seems like we are on a similar timeline for recovery. I have to admit though, I'm still getting through your blog and the specifics. I was diagnosed with AVN in my hips and shoulders. I had core decomplacement surgery on my left hip, right hip and right shoulder. Today was my first day of physical therapy and I'm hoping to put some weight on my legs at the end of the month, but only time will tell. Keep your head up. I'm fairly new to this blogging stuff, but it was nice to find someone who is on a similar journey. Seems to me like you have a great, positive attitude! p.s. I LOVED the heated blanket in the hospital. I wanted so badly to take it home with me! :)