Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Me and gym got back together and he is rather abusive

I'm a couch potato

Sunday Gavin dragged me to the gym at Oracle.  It is a very nice gym by the way.  It felt really good to work out but I was very limited in what I could do because of my hip.  After the gym I felt invigorated and hungry but my hip also became inflamed and painful.  My hip hasnt been bothering me a lot lately because I have been taking it so easy.  At work I just sit all day, and because I work all day, Gavin has been helping me with more and more housework.  My sedentary lifestyle has made my hip hurt less but it as also made my muscles whimpy and spongy.  Being sedentary has also taken a toll on my metal health.  Saturday I insisted on taking a stroll around the block even though I am paying for it now.  Before my 2010 surgery I was very active.  Walking to the gym, doing martial arts, yoga, pretty much all the things I am not suppose to do.

Today is Tuesday so it has been about 2.5 days since the gym. MY HIP HURTS SO BAD!!!! Grrrrrrr... It is back to being in super bad shape.  So painful.  My Voltaren gel is still helping but it only does so much.  When my hip is feeling good I forget that I even have a bum hip and sometimes I question if I should even have the surgery.  Having my hip flair up like this again reminds me off all the pain I have gone through up until this point and there is no doubt in my mind that I want to have this surgery.

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