Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Invisible No More Campaign

Imagine a World Where People Living With Illness, Pain, and Disabilities are Invisible No More.

The Invisible Disability Association has a Campaign, Invisible No More.  There are so many stories, and so many people living with invisible disabilities.  There are so many of us, we arn't really special or rare, just misunderstood.  If you know someone with an invisible disability, just let them know that you believe them and maybe share your story as well.  It is good to know that a you are not alone.  One day my Aunt called me to tell me that when she was my age she was in a horrible car accident and hurt her back really bad.  She was in so much pain and it was hard to walk.  She had two kids and couldn't pick them up or care for them by herself.  Doctors either didn't believe her or just drugged her up with narcotic pain killers.  My Aunt called me to tell me that she believed me and understood what I was going through.  Just by sharing her story I felt so much better. 

There are so many people living with some sort of impairment that makes navigating the world challenging.  Lets share, understand, believe and support each other!

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