Monday, October 31, 2011

The Guys in Tuxes

My guys looked so good in their tuxes.  The two guys on the left our my cousins. Next to my cousins is Gavin's friend from New York.  Cuties huh?  The tall, handsome guy on the right is my step-brother and then next my brother.  The two handsome dudes next to my brother are Gavin's friends.  The guy in the middle holding me is my husband and is off limits ladies.  But, a lot of these men are single, so if you see someone you like just shoot me a message and I can put in a recommendation for you.

Thank you all for being part of our wedding day.  Gavin and I are so happy that you came to support us.  We know a lot of you traveled a long ways to join us and we appreciate you being there.

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