Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Big News on Google

I have not been blogging about my hip recently because it is just the same ol' same ol'.  I am managing my pain well.  First I have my Voltaren Gel which does miracles for my hip pain.  Second, I have my handicap parking which makes it easy for me to run errands or go grab a cup of coffee (no drive thru coffee stands here).

Thirdly, I have my cane, so if I know I will need to wait in line or walk a bit further I can use my cane for support or even sit on it.

Also, Gavin has been helping me more with housework now that I have a job.  This helps a ton because lifting heavy loads of laundry is very painful on my hip.  The only drawback is Gavin does not know how to do laundry and he has ruined a few of my shirts. 

Okay, so here is my big news.  You have to watch my video to see.

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