Sunday, October 23, 2011

Getting Ready for The Wedding Day.

The night before my wedding I rented a hotel suite and 5 of my best girlfriends stayed the night with me.  We drank some yummy drinks and gossiped and then went to bed kinda early so we would be fresh for the big day.  We all woke up early in the morning so we would have plenty of time to get ready.  I took some of the girls out to get coffee then we all met up to get our hair done at Sunset Salon in Sunset Square in Bellingham, WA.    As you can see the girl's hair turned out fantastic!  They looked so beautiful.  Each girl put a flower clip in their hair that I made for them. Here is us getting ready in our hotel.

My Usherette getting spray tanned by one of my bridesmaids
We're all getting beautiful

Look at all the makeup

Someone made an itinerary for the day
Getting our prefunk on
Enjoying the view

Everyone looks so great

I had to wear flats because of my FAI (hip problem)

What a fun group of girls

What is that bridesmaid doing?

Relaxing with a mimosa
The bridesmaid in the white tank was the makeup artist for all the girls

My maid of honor sewed on a bow to my lingerie
My maid of honor took my phone calls for me bc I was so stressed
I needed help with the bracelet my grandma bought me
My bridal gown and shoes

The bridesmaid dress

The makeup artist doing her own makeup
I think it is time to put on my dress

First goes my crinoline and my shoes

Now I have both my shoes on

I love how the color of the crinoline turned out

I dyed the crinoline myself

I just need a little help adjusting it

And I need a little help with the tulle underneath

Bridesmaids to the rescue

Two of my girls are smoothing out my crinoline

Still working on it

Almost done

Sexy little bride tank

Now comes the hoop skirt

The hoop was a little easier than the crinoline

Now it is time for the dress
Here it comes

Now it is time to lace it up

How many bridesmaids does it take to lace up my dress

I need a lot of helpers to get this dress on

And it took quit awhile to get the dress laced

Then my mom, grandma and aunt showed up

We're ready to go!

Here I go

Thank you girls for helping me get ready.  I couldn't have done it without you

*If you see an image of yourself and you want it removed just ask.  If you see an image that belongs to you and you want it removed just ask.

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