Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It's never Lupus

I went to a rheumatologist who turned out to be a total idiot. He said that my test results must be wrong, as in someone at the lab made a mistake.  He also disregarded any symptom that I did have that matched lupus, like a sore on the roof of my mouth, and my blue fingers.  I didn't like this reaction at all.

He told me I defiantly don't have an autoimmune disorder of any sort.  Uh, how can he tell, just by looking at me? At the doctors office, I observed that most of his patients were coming in for allergy related complaints, so maybe he just specializes in allergies. He also had never heard of my condition, FAI, and so he totally blew that off.   He had no patients for any of my questions that I had and told me to direct the rest of my questions to his receptionist.  Uh, what the hellno!  I didn't like his attitude at all.

He told me to redo my lab test at a better lab to confirm his lack of diagnosis and to see him again in two weeks.

Why would I go back to see him so he could tell me again that nothing was wrong with me.  I am not going to pay him to tell me nothing. Besides, I don't trust him and he acts too annoyed to answer any of my questions.

I did decide to go get my labs done again.  There is a chance that that the idiot doctor is right and the first lab technician made a mistake.  Even if the doctor is right, he is still an idiot.  I chose to have my labs sent directly to me so that I can read it with my own eyes at no cost to me.  Next time I see my primary doctor,  I will go over the results with him as well.

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