Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What opinion are we on now? 4th Opinion from Dr. Mast: now we are getting somewhere. open surgery for sure

Short version:
I decided to have an open surgery and not a scope.  I am not having the PAO surgery.  I just have to pick my surgeon and make sure I don't have any autoimmune disorders.

Long version:
I met with Dr. Mast today in San Fransisco.  He is the younger Mast, there is also his father Dr. Mast who is the same type of orthopedic surgeon.    The first thing Dr. Mast wants to do is to test me for autoimmune disorders that could be causing the pain and inflammation such as Lupus and Rheumatoid arthritis.  I really, really hope I don't have an autoimmune disorder but if I do we will cross that bridge when we come to it.   After an autoimmune disorder is ruled out we can talk about surgery. 

Dr. Mast suggested an open surgery to remove my impingement.  He would remove part of the acetabulum and part of the femur.  Removing part of the acetabulum is really hard to do with an arthoscopic procedure.  He does not think I need a PAO surgery because I will have enough acetabulum left after the impingement is removed to cover the ball of my femur.   It is like a woman wearing a hat, the hat has to be on top of the head.
dysplastic hip needs PAO surgery
non-dysplastic, good coverage

So as long as I don't have an autoimmune disorder I now have no question in my mind that I will have an open surgery as opposed to an arthoscopic surgery.   I will not be having a PAO surgery.   I just have to decide which surgeon is going to do my surgery.  Dr. Mast is out of network for my insurance and it would be a financial strain to have a surgery that is out of network.  

I need to come up with some fast money to have this surgery or pick a surgeon that is in network.

I am going in tomorrow for my lab tests and I will keep you all updated on the outcome.

acetabulum is circled in yellow

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