Thursday, August 18, 2011

Target Haul

When I am having a good hip day one of my favorite things to do is go shopping.  And one of my favorite places to shop is Target.  I enjoy shopping at Target not just because of their awesome power carts and abundance of handicap parking places, but also because of their products and prices. Target has everything from groceries to clothes.   Because Target has power carts that means I can do all my shopping by myself.   Not to mention, after writing a letter to Target telling them about how I had been discriminated against at a Target store numerous times, I havnt had a problem since.

I love to shop at Target for basic clothes like tanks, tees, leggings and underwear.  They have quality products for great prices.  I dont like to have a lot of clothes because it is hard for me to keep up with laundry.  Therefore I just have a few basic clothes that I wear over and over again.  That means I need quality stuff.  Target has these long and lean tank tops and I wear one everyday either as tank in the summer or as an undershirt in the winter.  Target just happen to be having a $5 sale on their long and lean tanks so I grabbed two.  One in white and one in green.  I bought the tanks in a size xs, smaller than I usually wear,  because after a few washings they stretch out a little.

Me in my Target Tank and new Target jeggings.

The next thing I found at is $10 Xhilaratinon jeggings.  I love jeggings because they are so comfortable.  I hope skinny jeans never go out of style.  On my petite figure skinny jeans make me look taller and leaner. Another reason I like jeggings is because they look like jeans but are stretchy.  Most days I am heading out of the house for doctor appointments.  I dont really want to look like I am heading to the gym everyday, but I need to be wearing clothes that are stretchy.  At my doctor appointments, the doctor wants to poke me, prod me, and move my leg in every direction.  If I am not wearing stretchy pants I will need to put on an ugly hospital gown for my examination. 
New jeggings from Target

I also like to buy my bras at Target.  Fancy huh?  Gilligan O'Malley bras are well made and affordable.  They are comparable to Victoria Secret bras for a fraction of the price.  I discovered Gilligan O'Malley bras after I lost 10 lbs and went down a cup size.  I need to throw out all my old VS bras and couldn't see spending hundreds of dollars to replace all of my bras.  I needed to find a bra that came in a band size 32 which is a little harder to find.  A lot of brands dont carry a 32 band size.   Gilligan O' Malley has bras in a 32 band size, last just as long as VS bras and offer just as much support and comfort.  The only downside is that Target bras dont offer as many styles, but they do have a good selection of styles ranging from plain to lacy.  This time I bought a $12.99 pushup bra in navy blue that is one of the more plain styles.

Gavin found this cute Sprite shirt.  He wanted to copy me after I got my super awesome Cherry Coke shirt.  His Sprite shirt was $7.  We look cute when we wear our soda pop shirts together.
Gavin's Sprite shirt from Target
I got this from Kohls, not Target
That is all the clothing I picked up now I will tell you about some of the products I love to snag at Target.  First I will tell you about this Stainless Steel cleaning product by Method.  It is non-toxic and made in the USA.  It also cleans granite countertops.  I have to polish my stainless steel appliances everyday because stainless steel picks up every fingerprint.  It is easy to polish my fridge, dishwasher and oven with this product.  It only takes a couple of minutes.  This product is about $6.

The next thing I want to tell you about is a bathroom cleaning product.  It is by Seventh Generation.  Seventh Generation makes products that you can trust made from natural ingredients.  I spray this around the tub and toilet every other day and I dont have to scrub it or even remember to rinse it.  This bathroom product is made from natural ingredients so you can even use it on surfaces that food will be on.  Once a week I use it to give my bathroom a good scrub and I have a sparkly clean bathroom that I can be proud to show guests.  This product is about $6.

My last Target must have is a box of alcohol swabs by Up & Up.  I am a germ freak.  I love germs and I hate germs.  I also love to kill germs.  I keep these alcohol wipes in my vanity to disinfect my makeup everyday.  I wipe down my foundation bottles, brush handles, eyeshadow containers, and concealer. My skin is acne prone, but since I started this routine I havnt had a pimple in months.  I also keep a few wipes in my purse to wipe down nasty things like the car steering wheel and shopping cart handles.  Another thing I frequently use them for is wiping down books.  Books are germy little things until I get my hands on them.

That is it for this Target Haul.  Until next time my hippy peeps.

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