Thursday, August 18, 2011

Squashing my bible bump the modern way, surgery

Today I met with my hand and wrist Doctor, Dr. Shieu.  This is the fourth time meeting with her. I have been having pain in my wrist off and on for several years.  It is just in the last couple of years that the pain hasnt gone away and has gotten worse.  The pain in my wrist in hand makes my hand stiff and hard to use.  It is extremely difficult to pick up small things like my contact lenses, or pick up a puzzle piece.  Driving is difficult to because it is hurts to grip the steering wheel and chopping food with a knife hurts.  Being in pain sucks and being in pain that limits you sucks even more.  However, my wrist pain is NOTHING compared to my hip pain.   Unlike my hip pain, my wrist pain is something I could live with but I dont want to live with it.

I dont want the pain in my wrist to get worse or develope arthritis like what happen with my hip.  If I can nip this thing in the butt now I think that is better.  That is why Dr. Shieu and I decided to go ahead with surgery.  She recommended I get a second opinion before I go ahead with the surgery and told me there is not a 100% guarantee that the surgery will work.  I like Dr. Shieu; I feel she has my best interest at mind. 

This is how my surgery will work. I will be put under and my arm will be tied down.  First, to address the hand pain, my tendon in my hand will be released.  An incision will be made in the crease of my palm to get to the tendon.  There may also be a cyst in my palm so that will be cleaned out as well.  Next to address the wrist pain. My cyst is very small and located in my wrist.  Dr. Shieu wasnt sure such a small cyst was causing my pain, but she noted that my wrist are very small so it was a good possibility.  Dr. Shieu will make a horizontal incision on my wrist. That incision is going to be cute huh?  The suicidal emo look was never really my thing. The cyst is really close to an artery so she may not be able to remove it but she is going to try.
blue dot is the cyst, red is incision line

Dr. Shieu recommended that I have this hand and wrist surgery before my hip surgery.  The recovery time will be one month and will not be too hard of a recovery. After one month I will be able to use my hand again to support myself with my crutches and with my cane.  If I have my hip surgery first, I will have to wait 6 months to a year to have my hand surgery because I will need my hand to use my crutches.  I am going to talk to Gavin about this surgery and I will let you all know what I am going to do.  I have to fit this surgery into my life somehow.  I am so busy going to doctors appointments for my hip and I want to get my hip surgery settled as soon as possible.  I wont be able to travel to doctor appointments for that one month, I will have to stay local.

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