Sunday, August 7, 2011

Put cha stunner shades on

When I leave the house I feel like a celebrity minus the millions of dollars in endorsement contracts.  I feel like every five minutes someone stops me to talk to me.  People are really strange.  They stop to ask me, "what is wrong with you?  What did you do to yourself?  Were you skiing?"  It is weird to me that people feel comfortable asking me private medical questions about myself.  I dont ask strangers "OH, is that a herpe on your lip?" haha.

The most bizarre thing that happen to me was when someone wanted to take a picture with me and my crutches.  Seriously?  Another time, while I was in San Fransisco City, a woman asked me if I was at Redwood City Costco last weekend (about 40 minutes away from eachother).  She said, "I just knew it was you. I told my husband it was you and he didnt believe me.  Now I can tell him I was right."  I totally felt like a celebrity sighting.

However, unlike most celebs, I am not making any money off of my fans.  Therefore I have very little motivation to smile and be nice to so many strangers each day.  I know people are well meaning and just curious, but it is really exhausting to stop every five minutes, smile, and say, "oh, i had surgery."  Then the stranger will proceed to either tell me their life story or ask me even more personal and invasive questions.  "How long have you been in a wheel chair?  When will you be better?  What do you do all day; are you bored?  You should be eating [this thing]."  The list goes on.... and on..... and on..... and on.   It is super annoying.

These incidences happen ALL THE TIME.  And frankly I don't have time to stop and talk to each curious stranger I meet.  My daily activities such as cooking, cleaning, getting dressed, showering, shopping already take four times as long as a non disabled person.  Not to mention I have doctor appointments four days a week that take up a lot of time.

So what do I do?  I put my STUNNER SHADES ON!  It is seriously like magic.  I wear my $5 sunglasses and people rarely talk to me.  And if someone tries to talk to me I can totally pretend like I didn't see them.  So I wear my Stunner shades a lot, even when I am inside (just like celebrities do).  Luckily I live in California and it isn't quit so different to wear sunglasses all year 'round and even indoors.  It really makes going out of the house easier and less time consuming with my sunglasses on.  Hopefully I can get better sunglasses soon though because I cant see a darn thing out of my cheapo glasses.  I have really bad night vision.  My insurance pays for part of the price of designer sunglasses if they are prescription.  Getting designer glasses so I can see when I where my sunglasses is on my to do list.  I just have to convince Gavin HE needs new prescription sunglasses and then we can go together for an eye exam.

Everybody take a cue from me, and if you don't want to chitchat with strangers, PUT YOUR STUNNER SHADES ON!  Even indoors. :)

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  1. It's so funny you mention this...I was just talking to my parents about getting those transitional glasses that they have, so you get a glasses and sunglasses combo. Is it cheesy? LOL