Friday, August 19, 2011

Angie's Tip of the Day

What do you do with all of your adorbs winter sweaters during the Summer months?  Those gorgeous sweaters better not be hanging in your closet.  Knits should never be hung up because they lose their shape that way.  The knit will stretch out into a weird shape and leave hanger dents.  Instead you should neatly fold your sweaters and place them in your dresser, storage box, or vacuum pack.
Have you ever taken out your sweater on the first cold day of fall only to have it smell not so fresh?  To keep your sweaters smelling fresh after all those months of storage place a few bars of soap amongst your sweaters.  No need to even take the soap out of the package.
Your sweater will smell clean and fresh like you just washed it and not like it has been sitting in a dresser drawer for 6 months.

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