Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Handicap parking!!

Yesterday I received my handicap parking permit.  You see it is temporary because I am going to get better someday.  When I asked Dr. Hughes for a handicap parking permit he said "No.  You're too young for that!"  I started to say "I know but it is hard...."  Then Dr. Hughes started laughing and said, "Of course I will give you a handicap parking permit."

Dr. Hughes was just joking.  People on the street stop me all the time and tell me I am too young to be disabled.  I think Dr. Hughes probably knows this because most FAI patients are young.  I like that he uses it as a joke.  Because he understands that you are never too young to have FAI.

Having a handicap parking permit means I can go anywhere by myself.  Even busy downtown areas like San Francisco.  I actually have a doctors appointment in the city next week and I have been worrying about parking.  Usually, I dont go anywhere without Gavin to drop me off at the front door.  This permit really means freedom for me.  I dont have to drive around the block for 20 minutes finding a parking spot close enough that I can walk!!!


  1. yay for parking!! now just see how many 'unhandicapped' people actually park in those parking spots. It happend to me when I had my surgery, but still, it's better to have the permit than not having one for sure.

  2. Congratulations! People don't realize how hard it is to go out and about, let alone be done in before we even get into the store or doctor's office, because of parking.

    It is all I can do to get back to my car, rest and make it home. I was 27 when I lost my health, career, home and life as I knew it.

    Be prepared for lots of stares, yelling and possible confrontations using accessible parking. People are trying to do the right thing by defending the spots for those who need them and quickly assume we are cheating. I have even had people follow me into the store. Once they see I use an electric cart, they waive me off as if to say, "Oh OK. You can go now." Others have stopped me and asked me who the cart was for. Crazy stuff!

    You should share your story with the Invisible Disabilities Association and their project, Invisible No More TV. It would be great to hear your thoughts!

    Great article: Don't Judge by Appearances:

    Thank you for reaching out to others, amidst your own struggles! You are amazing!

    1. Oh yes, I get lots of stares and comments. Thanks for encouraging to share my story. Sometimes it is kinda scary to speak up because people are so judgmental.