Thursday, August 25, 2011

I Dr. Sampson: 5th opinion

Dr. Sampson is such a kind and caring guy.  I am so happy that I met with him today.  Dr. Sampson is an excellent arthoscopic surgeon.  He is one of the top surgeons with raving reviews.  I would 100% get a scope done with Dr. Sampson if Gavin and I can afford it.  The thing is, Dr. Sampson is out of network, and I dont know how much my insurance will cover.  When I tried to call my insurance company today so I could crunch the numbers, their systems was down.

I also got an additional diagnosis.  I have what Dr. Sampson described as a blister (I forget the actual term, but blister is a good explanation) in my hip socket along my labrum.  This is the source of a lot of my pain.  However, Dr. Sampson is the only OS that treats these blisters during surgery.  If I have the surgery with anyone else I will just have to hope that it goes  away on its own and risk having a revision surgery  in the future, which will be done by Dr. Sampson of course.  Dr. Sampson has done many revision surgeries after another surgeon (including the ones I am considering), did not address the blister, or took out too much cartilage.  In whole, Dr. Sampson's technique for the procedure is just more elegant.  He specializes in these scopes, whereas the other surgeons I am considering specialize in PAO surgery, or trauma to the pelvis.  Not to mention an open procedure means 3 days in the hospital and a huge scar.

I really hope that I can afford to have the scope done with Dr. Sampson.  If not then I will have a difficult decision to make.

Here is a link to one of Dr. Sampson's videos

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