Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday Funday and Christmas Shopping

 Christmas Shopping

It has been 11 days since my surgery and today my hip really flared up.  I felt awful today.  However, I still wanted to get some Christmas shopping done before my dad and my brother come to visit me.  They are arriving on Wednesday.  So I ventured out of the house.   And guess what, I forgot to put my shoes on so I left the house in my house slippers.  I wore my house slippers all day.  I'm so forgetful. 

First Gavin and I went to Subway to get some food in me so I wouldn't feel so blah.  Next we went to the mall.  Gavin checked out a wheelchair and wheeled me all around the mall.  We stopped at Kiehl's and at Godiva not only to get my free chocolate but also to get some fun gifts for my dad and brother.  I wanted Gavin to wheel be to Bath and Body Works to get myself a present but he wouldn't.  What a Gringe huh?  Just kidding, he is a sweetheart.

Our next stop was Micheal's to get paint that can paint on ceramic mugs.  I'm going to give my dad and brother some mugs customized by muah.  Don't worry they don't read my blog so they won't know what they are getting.  Also, I couldn't help but to pick up some more Christmas decorations.  I needed a wreath but being on crutches I didn't have any hands to carry it so I got a little creative.
Oh yeah, and I didn't wear makeup today per Gavin's request.  He always says he loves my naked face, and hates my makeup face.  I married the right guy huh?  He thinks I look better without makeup.  Wait 'til my wrinkles settle in then I will see if he still thinks that.  Haha.  Gavin also thinks I look better with more weight on me.  Thank goodness.

Well, I am having a ton of fun getting ready for Christmas.  I love Christmas.  I hope everyone else is having fun during the holidays too.  Much love, hugs and kisses.  xoxoxoxo

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  1. You look great. After 2 weeks you are not allowing the procedure to get the best of you. Thank you for the inspiration.