Monday, December 19, 2011

My Dad and Brother Come to Visit

My Dad and Brother Visit Me
My Dad and brother are so much fun to hang out with. We are definitely all related.
Things that we do that are similar are:

We make funny faces (ok, Nick's are definitely the funniest)
We love to eat junk food
We consider chocolate a vegtable
We flick boogers at each other 
The first restaurant I took my family to was The Elephant Bar because they have really good, monstrous desserts that I knew my dad and brother would love.  These desserts are like as big as your head.  We ordered two desserts and I think my dad pretty much ate both of those sugary, jumbo sized, sweets.  Here is a picture of the Mocha Mud Pie ice cream with whipped cream and hot fudge.
On Saturday Gavin and I took my family into the city to goof around at Fisherman's Wharf.  It was my brothers first time at the Wharf and he had fun "checking out the babes".  He said the girls are cute around here.  While at the Wharf we ate at The Crab House at Pier 39.  We got two crabs to share and it was really good.  I usually don't like crab but these tasted really fresh and delicious.  We also got to wear these awesome bibs so we didn't spill all over our shirts.
After we walked around the Wharf for a few hours we wanted to go see the Golden Gate Bridge before it got dark.  My brother Nick wasn't too excited about looking at a bridge but I told him that everyone needs their photograph with the Golden Gate Bridge in the Background.  Nick's photo turned out really great except for his hat is on backwards.
 Sunday night, before my family left, we decided to celebrate an early Christmas and open presents.  I made my Dad and Nick some hand painted, dishwasher safe, mustache mugs with their names on it.  I also got them a Kiehl's men gift set so that they smell good and have nice skin.  I think my dad will like the hand lotion because he always has dry hands from working construction.  Nick will probably like the soap because he stinks pretty bad.  :) Just kidding Nick.  My dad and his girlfriend got Gavin and me a Money Tree and a Bird of Paridise plant for our home.  These are our first house plants besides my orchid which has a fungal infection right now.  I hope I can take good care of my new house plants and talk to them everyday.

I am super tired out from having visitors but it was definitely worth it.  I hope I get more visitors again in the future and I hope my Dad and my brother come back soon. 

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