Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I Got My Stitches Out Today

Which will not be today when you read this it will have been yesterday or later.  That means I can shower today.  HipHipHorray!  I would also recommend getting baby wipes so you can easily sponge bath.  Gavin got me some and it was nice to have someone wash my feet and back for me and be able to freshen up.  Especially since I have been sweating so much from my hydrococodone. 

Baby Wipes

Anyways, my incisions are still a little gnarly so I wont show you, but the nurse said that they looked great. This time I have 3 incisions and two of the three are gnarlier than the other one.  As you can see the top of my thigh is still pretty swollen so I have been icing my thigh.  You can still see the tape stuck to my thigh too.  You can kinda see the scars from my last surgery.  One is in between the two horizontal band aids and the other is directly to the right.

3 Incisions
 I took a picture of my ice pack that the hospital gave me.
Ice Pack
The ice bag is made in America by Americans with disabilities.  I thought that was really neat because I like to support made in America products and I also know how hard it is to find a job, especially if you have a disability.  The ice pack didn't last very long though.  I think it is better for emergencies.  I prefer my clay ice pack or my awesome ice machine.  The only bad thing about the ice machine is that it is a pain in the booty to keep changing the ice.

Ice Machine

I have been feeling really great.  I have energy and have been able to work from home.  I can even put a little weight on my right leg already, not too much though.

Painwise, I am really comfortable as long as I take my pain meds and ice my hip.  If I don't wake up in the middle of the night to take my pain meds I wake up in the morning with a lot of pain, but it is not excruciating.  My hip has hurt worse when I walked around NYC a couple summers ago.  The pain feels like there is a huge fresh bruise inside my hip joint.  The incisions also hurt a little.  Nothing I can't handle.  I'm a tough one.
Me looking tough
PS Im not naked; my hair is covering my tank top.

Also, my dad and brother are coming to visit me next week.  I'm so excited to see my fam. I'm going to try and get them some awesome Christmas presents too.

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