Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My Recovery

This recovery, I have to say, is much different from my last recovery.  I have more energy and I can move my leg a lot more.  I also have quit the appetite which is really good when you are recovering from surgery.

So this is how it has gone so far.  After my surgery I felt really good.  I was in a lot of pain, but that is the usual for me.  I felt great.  I was eating crackers, drinking tea, smiling and cracking jokes.

As soon as I got in the car and it started to move a wave of nausea just wiped me out.  I had my trusty thow-up bag so I wasn't too worried.  Gavin and I decided to stop for dinner to avoid rush hour traffic.  Before we left the hospital I was starving because I hadn't eaten all day. I wanted a cheeseburger and a thick chocolate milkshake.  By the time I got to the restaurant it was soup and ginger ale for me. Before I got my food I headed to the bathroom to start what would be my longest marathon of throwing up EVER.

I threw up a few times before going to bed and mostly slept through the night.  The next morning I woke up at my usual time around 9 AM and went downstairs to settle on the couch for the day.  As soon as I ate my breakfast cereal I threw up again, and then I threw up about every 20 minutes for the rest of the day. On top of that I had a throbbing headache.

You know how usually after you puke you get an instant wave of relief for at least a little while?  That relief never came.  I just puked all day.  I didn't take any pain medicine so I was puking and in pain.  Finally I took a dramamine and was able to get some sleep.  The next morning I woke up feeling better.  My stomach was raw and sore but I didnt need to run to the toilet.  All I needed to do was pop another Dramamine and slowly, slowly, slowly nurse myself back to health.  By the end of the morning I could take my pain medicine again.

My pain medicine is working out for me alright.  I didn't get percocet because of the horrible headache it gives me so the nurse wrote me a scriped for Norco, which is the similar to vicodin only stonger.  The Norco does make me a little nauseas and dizzy, but nothing I can't handle.  The worse side effect of this medication is it makes me sweat so much.  Im so hot and I am sweating buckets, which isnt so good when you can't take a shower.

Overall I am feeling pretty good.  Of course I am tired and in pain, but I think this recovery should go more smoothly than the last.

The hardest part about my recovery I think will be my mental health.  After getting diagnosed with AVN as soon as I woke up from surgery, my mind has been in a frenzy with what this diagnosis holds for me.  I don't know if I will be able to walk ever again unaided.  I will just have to wait and see.

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