Friday, December 2, 2011

All I want for Christmas is...................

Santa Clause Represent

See Santa, I believe in you.  And no, that is not my messy bedroom in the background.  (Everybody photoshop out the junk with your eyes)

My Christmas Wish List
This is my list and I can update it when I choose


I have a metal allergy and my ears are super super sensitive to any earrings.  Actually, last night I had a dream that I had a gorgeous pair of earrings that I could wear pain free.  In order to wear earrings, they have to be either 24 K gold, plastic or surgical steel (like what surgeons use).  So I need to get me some plastic earrings.  

Wool Socks

You probably already know that I love to be warm, and wool socks feel so cozy.  I already have one pair of pink wool socks, but I need a second pair to wear while my pink wool socks are in the washing machine.

Fingerless Gloves

My work is super duper cold and I need to wear a lot of layers to work to stay warm. It is always like 10 degrees colder in my office than it is outside.  I have one pair of fingerless gloves in pink but I need a second pair in a neutral color to match all my outfits.  Also, it would be nice if the thumbs were fingerless too and my fingerless gloves right now don't have fingerless thumbs, but they are super cute.
Extra Long Scarf

Not only does an extra long scarf feel fancy and luxurious, it also keeps you warm on a cold day.  There are so many ways to wrap and wear a scarf and it is a great accessory to any outfit.  I like to wear accessories that are also useful.  In case anyone is wondering I am loving the colors gray and lavender right now.

Shimmery Pink Eyeshadow

I don't have one and I need one.  I love to wear shimmery, frosty colors in the winter time.

House Slippers Found these on sale at Target.  Santa bought them for me on black Friday.  Thank you Santa.

The house slippers I have right now were cheapos and are falling apart.  They were recently purchased a few months ago.  I have my eye on some boots at Target that I might wear as house slipper.  If I spend (I mean Santa spends) the extra money on actual boots they will last longer than slippers.  I wear a 5 in kids and a 6 in adults in boots.

Thermal Underwear

In the winter months I wear thermal underwear ALL THE TIME.  I have two pairs of pajama thermal underwear and it is not enough.  I need extras to wear to work and extras for when my pjs are in the wash.

Tarte Blush in Amused

I saw this light pink blush and fell in love.  Right now I have a hot pink and a medium pink blush that I love but I like to have a lighter blush to wear during the winter.

Shimmery Lavender eyeshadow

Like I said, I am loving lavender right now.  I love how my shimmery aqua eyeshadow looks right now and would love a lavender one as well.

Body spray

I go through so much body spray; about a bottle every two months.  I like to smell good, even though Gavin says I am stinky.  Right now I am staying away from sugary sweet scents that I use to be drawn to (I have a sweet tooth, what can I say) because Gavin doesn't like those scents so much.  Crisp, fresh, light scents are what I am loving now such as menthe, lavender, peppermint, cucumber, lemon, spearmint, cotton ect.

Anything Fleece

Not much to explain here.  I wear a small or medium.

Luxurious Gray blanket for my couch
I really want a big warm gray blanket to curl up with that is not only cozy and inviting but also matches my decor and looks fabulous draped over my couch. 

Eco Tools Brush Set

These brushes are fantastic, soft, and cruelty free.  I only have two so far and I need a few more.

A Maid

Hey, this is my list, I can dream cant I?  Wouldn't it be nice to have a clean house 100% of the time and never need to put away laundry again?


This phone is so neat.  It is gorgeous and fun and you just plug it into your cell phone and it is like talking on a "real" phone but without all those cancery cellphone waves.  Phones are so ugly now a days.  Microsoft needs to develop a better looking phone please.


Candles are so pretty and romantic.  They really add ambiance to a room.  I think candles make the perfect gift.

A Clear vase is beautiful and will match any decor.  I like the detail on this vase because it can stand alone or look gorgeous with some flowers in it.

Costume Jewelry
I love anything shiny, girlie, or sparkly.

Homemade Sweet Treats

I have a huge sweet tooth and I love, love, homemade baked goods, way better than store bought.  You can just taste the love.

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