Saturday, December 31, 2011

Going to the Basketball Game

The BBall Game

For Christmas Gavin and I went to a basketball game, the Golden State Warriors vs. the LA Clippers.

This is what I wore.

I wore my "I heart Santa" shirt with my short, pink scarf so I wouldn't trip on it while walking up the bleachers.  I wore my favorite skinny jeans that I got at Wet Seal a year ago.  For my jacket I wore my favorite Hollister sweatshirt jacket.  To keep my hands warm I wore my gray fingerless gloves I got for Christmas. I like to dress casual when I go to sporting events, but do something special with my hair and makeup, or wear a pretty piece of jewelry, but nothing too fancy or chunky.  I love to wear the colors, a t-shirt, or a jersey of the home team but I didn't have any blue and gold in my closet.  Shame on me.  Those  were my high school colors.  The only high school sweatshirt I have is black for some reason.

For my makeup I went with sparkly nude eyeshadow and a thick eyeliner.  I made my eyelashes extra dramatic with my favorite mascara and wore my favorite pink, long lasting, lipstick.
Hehe, Gavin was just making funny faces.  He is so silly.

Here is how I wore my hair.

I pinned it half way back with a little bow.

When we got to the game Gavin and I were both hungry because we didn't have dinner yet.  Gavin ate a hot dog and he got me beer and nachos.  I usually don't eat fake cheese but I was hungry.  It was this or nothing.

Gavin and I sat in the nose bleeds seats way up high because we got awesome deals on tickets.  Here was our view.

I have pretty good eye sight so I could see the game clearly.  Never before have I followed basketball, but the rules are pretty simple and I caught on quickly.  I was cheering louder than anyone in my row.  Maybe because I just drank a beer.  

There was also a lot of entertainment besides basketball at the game.  There was Santa Clause, The Grinch, Cheerleaders, and dancers.  I really enjoyed the cheerleaders.  They are really talented and in great shape. I wish I could dance like that.  LOL, I'm on crutches though.  The cheerleaders had really cute Santa outfits on that were surprisingly not that revealing.

I had so much fun I already have tickets for two more games.
Walking through the crowds on crutches was exhausting but I parked in handicap parking and entered through the VIP entrance, so that made it easier on me.  Once I sat down in my bleacher seat I didn't get up once.  Gavin went to go get me beer twice.  What a sweet guy. 
A lot of people left the game early because the home team was obviously losing but Gavin and I stayed until the end.  By the time we left the big crowd had cleared out and there wasn't even a line for the bathroom.  I was happy about that.

On our way out this elderly lady with a cane overheard me talking about my hip surgery.  She asked me if I was one of the cheerleaders.  I smiled and said "I wish I could dance like that" and motioned to my crutches.  I took it as a compliment that I look like one of the beautiful, in shape, talented cheerleaders.  That really made my night that she said that to me.  It always makes me feel good when I get a compliment because my body just feels so crummy all the time.  I feel like I look crummy too.

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