Friday, July 27, 2012

Volunteering at The Animal Shelter

Peninsula Humane Society (PHS) Volunteer

Recently I began volunteering at the animal shelter.  I love all the animals, the staff and all the other volunteers.  Right now I am filming videos to promote individual cats for adoption.  I spend a couple hours a week filming at the shelter, then I go home and edit the videos.  For my first video I filmed Nala.  She was a sweet and easy going gal.  Here is my first video as a PHS volunteer.

The volunteers are required to wear hunter green volunteer shirts.  Green is not really my color but I am happy to be volunteering.  Here is my new shirt.

back of volunteer shirt

Front of volunteer shirt
While volunteering I take my crutches with me since I will be standing up for a couple of hours.  When I go into the cat condos, I leave my crutches outside in case some cats are afraid of my crutches.  Then I sit on the floor of the condo and film the cats playing, relaxing and doing what cats do.

I also bought a waist apron to put my camera, phone, wallet and cat toys in since I wont have my hands free when I am on crutches or when I am carrying cats.  I thought the apron was a little boring so I jazzed it up a bit.  I dyed it pink and ironed on some cat patches.  Now this apron is a little more my style.
my volunteer apron

Forget bear hugs, cat and dog hugs are the best,  Hippy Angie

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