Thursday, July 26, 2012

7.5 Months Post-Op

Still in Pain

I am still in a lot of pain.  I feel like managing the pain is an uphill battle.  My hip is always inflamed and the muscles, like my hip flexor, and glutes, are so tight. I wake up in pain, go to sleep in pain, and spend my day in pain.

Despite all the pain I am using my crutches less.  I barely use my crutches most days.  If I need to run to the pharmacy I might grab my cane and if I need to do some shopping I make sure to go somewhere that has powercarts to shop with.

I am definitely doing better than I was doing 3 months ago, but the progress is so slow.  I am nowhere close to where I want to be.  I still can't spend a day at the mall without my crutches and needing three more days to recover.

I see my pain management doctor in a couple of weeks so I will see what we can come up with.  I am thinking about getting a power cart of my own, or a wheelchair.  Something that I can take around downtown, or to the mall or to take my dog for a walk.

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