Saturday, July 21, 2012

My "None of Your Business" Cards Arrived Today

"None of Your Business" Card or Business Card

My cards arrived today.  They are not really business cards since it is not for a business so I will call my cards "None of Your Business" cards.  I can say to people, "Here, would you like one of my "none of your business" cards?", much like people hand out business cards.

Whenever I leave the house I get stopped my dozens of people asking me very personal questions about my disability.  On one hand I think it is important to raise awareness about invisible disabilities and I would like to educate people about my disability.  On the other hand, it gets quit exhausting explaining my condition a gazillion times when I am just trying to go get coffee.  No matter how well I explain my condition no one will truly understand what I am going through.

That is why I thought I would hand out these cards.  When I hand people my card I will direct them to my blog and my blog can answer all their questions, hopefully.  Also, I listed most of my conditions so if people are truly interested they can google it on their own.  My condition is very complex and I am tired of trying to dumb it down to explain it to non-medical people.

So my None of Your Business card will serve two purposes.  The first, to save my energy and time explaining my condition and the second to educate people about invisible disabilities.

I don't plan to hand my card out to everyone, just to people who seem especially interested and are asking a lot of questions.  I will let you know how this goes.  I don't plan on handing them out to the especially mean people.  Mean people suck and don't deserve any of my time.

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