Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Saw My Surgeon Today

6 Weeks Post-Op
I saw my surgeon today for the first time since my surgery.  We went over all the pictures from my surgery and he talked me through the whole procedure.  Dr. Sampson thoroughly explained everything that he did.   Dr. Sampson smoothed out the frayed tissue and made the inside of my hip look nice and clean like a cloud, instead of like the shredded paper it looked like before.  He also reshaped my femural head and took some bone off from my acetabulum (hip socket).

Before photos

my cartilage is very frayed and shredded
Almost After (middle of surgery)
looking a lot less frayed

Dr. Sampson said that everything looks good.  It is normal that I am still sore at 6 weeks post-op and the soreness should go away in a couple of months.  I can begin going off my crutches as slowly or as quickly as I feel comfortable.   When I see him again in just over 2 months I need to be off my crutches. 

Dr. Sampson said that it is going to be a long recovery process but assured me that everything should work out in the end.  My arthritis is not that bad and my avascular necrosis is not that bad.  He said just don't worry.  When my surgeon told me not to worry I felt a big weight lifted off my shoulders.

I am really happy I chose Dr. Sampson as my surgeon.  I don't think any other surgeon could had done a better job or could have been more caring.

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