Sunday, January 8, 2012

Starting Physical Therapy

First Week of Physical Therapy and What My Therapist Said

I completed my first week of physical therapy and I have a few exercises to do.  Both days after doing my exercises I woke up with sore muscles.  I must be working hard.  My exercises focus a lot on my butt muscles that help to stabilize my hip.

I asked my physical therapist when I could return to sports and he reminded me that my prognosis is not good.  I will need a hip replacement younger than most people.  If I can hold off on a replacement until my 30s then that would be great.  The reason it patients need to wait as long as possible for a replacement is because an artificial hip will only last so long.  An artificial hip may only last 20 years or 40 if you are lucky, but  I plan to live 120 years and I will defiantly outlive my hip.  I dont want to be in a wheel chair when I am 70.  

My therapist said any high impact sports are out of the question.  That means no kickboxing, BJJ, mountain biking, zumba, dancing or even ballroom dancing.  Things I should be able to do in a few months are pilates, yoga, stationary biking, walking, and swimming.  All the things I have always thought were so boring!  But I can't complain at least I will be able to do those things.
I see my surgeon, Dr. Sampson, on Tuesday and I have plenty of questions to ask him.  I know Dr. Sampson is always hoping for the best case scenario so  I am interested to see what he thinks my prognosis will be.  After my surgery he told Gavin that my arthritis is not that bad.  Yay!  That is good news.

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