Wednesday, January 4, 2012

5 weeks post surgery check in

5 Weeks Post Surgery Check In
Today is a great day pain wise.  Today,  I am feeling better than I did before surgery.  I am walking a little bit which flares my hip up a little but I have been managing the pain today.
Yesterday was a different story.  I felt horrible yesterday and the day before.  
I am having good days and bad days but I hope the good days increase as time goes on.
I started my physical therapy yesterday.  My physical therapist is really nice and knowledgeable about my condition so I feel like I am in good hands.  He measured my flexibility and strength and I am not so flexible.  My strength is surprisingly okay, but I definitely need to get my butt in shape, literally my butt, so my muscles will support my hip and help with walking. 
I rode the bike yesterday for 8 minutes.  Before my surgery riding the bike was incredibly painful because of the impingement.  When I got on the bike yesterday I felt a lot of pain in my groin but as I rode my muscles loosened up and the pain actually decreased.  I look forward to riding the bike since it was something I couldn't do before.  Remember I said previously, if there is any improvement I will take it?  Being able to ride a bike is an improvement.  

Doing my floor exercises again felt really good.  It feels good to move my body.  My therapist calls them the Jane Fonda exercises.  By the way I saw Jane Fonda  on tv the other day and she is lookin good.  She was wearing her leotard and damn do I want her thighs!

Emotionally, I have my ups and downs.  It is important to stay positive not only for myself but for Gavin too.  Gavin has been such a huge support system I want to be happy and positive.  Who wants to live with a Debbie Downer?  With that said, I do get down sometimes.  I have such a long road ahead it can just get overwhelming.  I want to look ahead to the future but I don't know what the future holds which makes me really frustrated sometimes.

Therefore I just try to plan for things I know that I can do.  I am taking a mini vacation to Bellingham which I know I can handle.  My best friend and her boyfriend are coming to visit me in February for my birthday and I know that they will be understanding of my limitations.   I am so looking forward to spending my birthday weekend with my best friend and my best friend in-law.  As soon as the weather warms up I look forward to swimming like I did last spring.  I plan to get in shape by joining the gym.  Even though I have physical limitations, I can still find exercises to do.

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