Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My Summer Makeup Routine

 Makeup for Summer

I wanted to share with you all my easy summer makeup routine.  Summer makeup should feel light and fresh.  This is my almost everyday makeup.

1) First I put on Jergens fake face tan. 
2) Then, if my skin is feeling dry I put on some real moisturizer with SPF.  If my skin is feeling fine I skip this step.

3) Next is an important step.  I slap on my St.  Tropez sunless tanner.
It comes out as a foam and this is what it looks like.
And when I rub it on my face it reminds me of chocolate.
4) Now I need to curl my eyelashes.
5) The last step is to apply mascara.  This is my go to summer mascara because it makes my lashes long, skinny and natural looking.  I apply it to my bottom lashes first, then my top.
And here is the finished makeup look.

And here is me with the same makeup on a different day messing around with our home decor.
Well, I wish summer never had to end, but my easy summer makeup routine doesn't have to end.  I can wear this natural look all year.

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