Friday, August 24, 2012

My Hip

My Hip, My Hip, My Hip

I have not had any pain relief in quite a few weeks.  I am feeling awful these days.  Just a few weeks ago I was feeling great and I thought that it was a turning point and I was getting better. 

Each step I take is searing pain.  My abductors are sore, my glutes and piriformis are screaming, and my hip flexor is crying.  I don't even get pain relieve from any of the cocktail of medicine I have, but I am still taking my anti-inflammatories for fear that I will get worse if I don't take those.

I need to make some changes so I can feel better.  I am taking Wednesdays off of work so I work Monday, Tuesday, then a day off, then Thursday, Friday.  I felt really refreshed coming to work on Wednesday, but still in pain. 

I have been slacking on stretching.  I am only stretching twice a day opposed to 5-7 times a day I was doing and I have not been to the gym in weeks.  I just feel so exhausted from the pain, but I know the gym is good for me. 

Last weekend I laid in bed the whole weekend, and I still felt painful on Monday.  I hope this weekend I can relax. 

So these are the changes I need to make:
  1. Eat healthier (I have been eating a lot of sugar lately)
  2. Go to the gym
  3. Stretch more
  4. Rest whenever I have the chance, even if that means not getting as much done
Any other suggestions would be appreciated.   At this point I would stand on my head all day if it would make me feel better.  Speaking of head stands, I miss yoga, but I can't do it because of my impingement.  I can't even do child's pose.  But before my surgery I did do a handstand, I that is something I can still do as long as I am careful not to land hard on my feet.


  1. I am sorry to hear about your pain. I wish there was something I could do. :( What are your options from here on out, besides what you blogged?

    1. My surgeon keeps telling me wait and see, it could get better. Another option is another surgery. Maybe there is a soft tissue impingement (adhesion) causing the pain. The good news is, I have had weeks where I thought I was getting better. And Jorge, I read your blog! So happy for you. Run Jorge Run!!!!!