Thursday, August 23, 2012

Blog Series Planned

Blog Series Planned Non Hip Related (kinda)

I have a few (kinda) non-hip related blog series planned.  I want to do a blog series on finding a job when you have a disability and how to dress for business.  The series could really apply to everyone looking for a job, or even if you already have a job the series will talk about how to dress, how to ask your employer for accommodations if you have a disability (even something like wrist pain), and what to do if your employer refuses.

My next series I have planned is about hair removal.  I am obsessed with hair removal.  If you were somehow born without a hair on your body you want gone, then god bless you, but I wasn't.  So in this series I will talk about temporary and permanent types of hair removal, what type is right for you and how to get the best results.

My third series will be about cleaning your house when you have a disability, but a lot of the tips can apply to everyone.  If you're lucky enough to have a 24 hour maid, then good for you!  I wish we could all have 24 maids, but until I train Penny (my dog) to clean the house this is just not going to happen for me.  But most people, even if you do have a maid whip through your house on a regular bases, still need to keep it clean.  I have a lot of cleaning tips to make things easier and faster and ways to be able to clean if you have chronic pain that wont make you feel like you just ran a marathon after you do your dishes.

So how do these blog series sound?  Which series do you want to see first?

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