Friday, May 4, 2012

Swim Swim Swim

Swim Swim

Well, my swimming lessons have been going well.  I have really been improving.  I have the freestyle stroke down pretty well and my breathing pace has improved.  Breathing has been difficult for me.  I can do it, however my form is not perfect and I have been working on trying to perfect my breathing form.  Luckily I have iron lungs and can swim the length of the pool without needing to take a breath.
What I think I look like

What I actually look like

I have spent 2 of my swimming lessons working on breathing technique and next week I will still be working on breathing.  Then, I get to learn a new stroke.  Maybe butterfly?

I am really happy with my improvement in swimming.  I really want to be able to stay active throughout my life even if I have to scale back my activity because of my hip.

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