Thursday, May 10, 2012



I have been stretching like crazy; 5-7 times a day.  I stretch out the front of my hip and my piriformis, my calves and I just added a side stretch.  Stretching seems to be helping.  I can weight bare for longer periods of time and I can walk a little farther; about 2 minutes.  That is not much though.  I feel another surgery is in my future.  Ugh.

I don't know what kind of surgery though.  I just want my fricken hip replacement so I can move on with my life, however I have good joint space so a hip replacement is out of the question.

On a side note, I am going to Alaska on a cruise in a couple of days.  Also, I usually have pink and purple in my hair and I just added blue!  Will post pics soon.  Can't wait to post pics of my cruise.  It will be nice to get away.

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