Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Workout Routine

I am about 20ish weeks post-op, okay, I lost count so it is 20ish and I have not updated you guys on my workout routine in a long time.  I have been hitting the gym hard trying to get in shape.  I have gained a lot of strength and about 5 lbs of weight.  I hope that is all muscle.  I have been eating and indulging in food quit a bit lately.  This nice weather we have been getting in the bay area reminds me to watch what I eat and reminds me that I do not have the metabolism of a 16 year-old-boy.

So my workout routine is mostly exercises that my physical therapist has instructed me to do.  He told me to do my exercises every other day and I try to do something everyday but life gets busy and it is hard to keep up.  But here it goes.

  • Swimming- I swim about twice a week.  Once a week I have a half hour lesson, then I usually go once more a week on my own for about half an hour.  Swimming really irritates my hip so I have to spend about a half hour before stretching and about two hours after stretching, otherwise I am in A LOT OF PAIN
  • Donkey kicks.  Remember those?  Yeah, I just added those to my routine a couple of weeks ago.  I have discovered that I have weak abs and need to concentrate on flexing my abs.

    donkey kick
  • Jane Fonda's.  Yep still doing those.
  • Biking.  I can tolerate the bike quite well so I bike about 15min to an hour depending on my mood.
  • Upper back
  • Plank

  • Side crunches on ball 
  • And a lot of glutes.  My glutes always seem to be sore. 
For my stretches,  I have two main stretches that I do.
  • Piriformis stretch
  • hip flexor stretch
Well those are my main exerciser for right now.  My hip tolerates this routine pretty well.  Only the swimming gives me major flare ups.  What is your exercise routine?  

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