Wednesday, April 11, 2012

19 Weeks Post Op

Am I Really 19 Weeks Post Op?   UGH!!!

So I am 20 weeks post op, or about 4 and a half months.  I am still on crutches.   Eekk.  I have been putting more weight on my surgical leg though.  I will tell you about the good and the bad.  First the Good

  • I can sit crossed legged
  • I can do piriformis stretch
  • I am in better shape from going to the gym a few days a week
  • I learning how to swim and swimming a couple times a week
  • I am super popular with my crutch puppies (yes the puppies are back) and someone even copied my idea and got tigers for their crutches.  I am such a fashionista!
  • I have really painful flare ups and sometimes I can't sleep
  • I'm still on crutches
  • I still get tired going out of the house and running too many errands
  • I am still on crutches
  • My skin is horrible from the cholorine in the pool from all the swimming I have been doing
  • Swimming makes my hip flexor tighten up pretty bad
  • Did I mention I am still on crutches?
Overall I am feeling that the surgery was a failure again but I am hanging onto hope that it does just take awhile to heal.  I have talked to plenty of other FAI patients who said it took a long time to feel better.  Only time will tell.

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