Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Whats In My Bag

What Do Hippy Girls Carry?

Alright this is what I carry in my bag.

  • At the top center I have my coin purse for all that loose change you get.
  • Then I have my toothbrush.  I love to brush my teeth and everytime I go to the dentist I get praised on what clean teeth and healthy gums I have.  I am going to do a blog on my dental hygiene to show you all how I avoid nasty tartar build up.
  • Of course I have my keys.
  • In the clear bag on the right I have hand wipes, alcohol wipes, chapstick and medicine.   I need hand wipes because sometimes, when I am eating out, I am just too tired to walk to the bathroom to wash my hands. I like to carry my stuff in clear bags so I can see what I got in there.  
  • I usually carry my kindle in case I have to wait anywhere.
  • Cell phone
  • In the pink clear bag I have tampons and a pen.  Just in case
  • Then my wallet.  I love this wallet.  My mother-in-law bought it for me and it is the best wallet I have ever had. 
  • Coupon for CVS
  • Pharmacy card with a suggested prescription on it.  The manufacturer stopped making my Voltaren Gel.
I left my compact mirror in Bellingham, or I would usually carry a mirror.


  1. your are so neat and organized! I definitely need to clean out my purse one of these days lol

  2. looks like you can still order the Voltaren Gel on Amazon, not sure if it's the same one as you have though.


  3. I love an organized purse.

    I didnt even think to look on amazon. Thanks!