Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How to Carry Stuff when You are on Crutches

What Kind of Bag?

When you are on crutches it is difficult to carry a regular purse so you will want to get a bag that is convent and comfortable, but also stylish.  I alternate between three bags.  I have a large backpack, a mini backpack, and shoulder/ cross body, bag.  I want to get a more formal shoulder bag but I have been putting it off because I am hoping to get off crutches soon.

My big backpack
I use my big backpack when I go to the gym so that I can carry all of my gym equipment such as my bathing suit, towel, workout bands, shower stuff, ect.  I also use a big backpack when I am traveling so I can fit a change of clothes and all of my personal hygiene stuff and prescription medication in there.

My small backpack

I take my small backpack with me to sporting events, or when I am going to be out of the house all day andI may need to carry a water bottle and take my medication with me.

My shoulder bag

I use my shoulder bag most of the time for day to day use.  It is fun and casual and my best friend made it for me from an old tshirt so it reminds me of her.

handmade by my BFF

A Glamorous Shoulder Bag

For a more glamorous evening, or special occasion look I spotted a couple of Coach bags that would fit the bill.  You can browse bags on the Coach website in the crossbody bag section.

For a less pricey alternative stores such as Target and Forever21 have a large selection of cross body bags.



  1. You could get the best of both worlds and get a Coach bookbag :) They have some really cute ones. I always hold my hand bag and let it rest on my crutches, but its awkward when I'm up and moving around. My dad always offers to carry my purse for me, but I don't want a man to have to carry my purse, haha. I should really look into getting one for myself :)

  2. I would love a Coach bookbag. I have a Coach purse but it is too awkward to carry a regular purse while on crutches. The Coach Outlet is about 35 mins from my house so I will have to take a Saturday and go down there and look.