Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A wedding

My wedding was beautiful and wonderful and I am married to the most amazing man.  I walked down the aisle, danced, socialized, walked around and I felt great...... until the next morning.  The next morning was very painful.  I think all the adrenaline and a couple of cocktails distracted me from my hip pain.  When I woke up the following morning I didnt want to take another step.  I had to take vicodin for a few days following the wedding so that I could sleep and go about my day.  It has been over a week since the wedding and I am still in intense pain.  I just have to sit around and ice my hip but the pain still wont go down.  It is really hard to sleep.  I already went to accupuncture which made me feel better for a few hours.  I have physical therapy and I see the chiropractor this week so I will talk to them about my pain levels and see what I should do.   Sometimes I contemplate going to the emergency room I am in so much pain.  But then I think, really, what could they do?  Nothing really.

Even though I am in a lot of pain now it was worth it to have my fairytale wedding (hopefully Gavin had fun too).  I am so, so happy right now and grateful for what I have, even though I have a lot of limitations.  I am hoping the pain will reside with a lot of rest.  Resting is frustrating especially when I am trying to get a new home in order. But, Gavin helps out a lot even after working 10 hour days.  He is such an angel.

Thank you all for being a part of our special day.

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